Our brochure showcases a selection of our favourite architectural projects and provides a breakdown of our services, stage by stage.

We think a lot about how to communicate what we do, especially to new clients. We appreciate that many of our clients have never embarked on a building project before. And it can be a daunting process, choosing an architect for your project, let alone starting construction!

We want to inform and support new clients, and help you to better understand how we work. We also want to showcase our best projects, to give clients a flavour of our work and its vision.

This is why we developed our brochure in summer 2020, to showcase, inform and support potential clients, or anyone else interested in the work we do! Feel free to take a look at the digital version, and if you’d like us to send you a hard copy, get in touch.

To read the digital version of our brochure, click here.

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