For us, sustainability begins on day one, before we’ve even put pencil to paper. Sustainability is part of a holistic approach, and not a bolt-on technology that appears at the end of the project. It is an inherent part of our process.

There are many different aspects of sustainability that we try to incorporate into every scheme. Daylight, sunlight, ventilation, heat loss and air tightness are all important concerns, right through to ethical materials and minimising site wastage.

We have experience in designing schemes to achieve high ratings under various methods of formal assessment; BREEAM for public building, Passivhaus & Code for Sustainable Homes for private residential properties.

A lot of the sustainable approaches that we take are invisible and behind-the-scenes. However, one overtly visible device that we do use regularly is the wildflower roof. A well designed green roof benefits your internal environment, your well-being, your neighbour’s well-being, and the local environment. What’s not to like?

In June 2019 the practice signed up to the #architectsdeclare charter illustrating our commitment to sustainability in the construction industry.


We remain open for business during normal working hours (9:00am-6:00pm) and are working from our COVID-secure offices. Work continues on site with all appropriate safety measures for our projects currently under construction, and we retain social distancing precautions when we visit. We are happy to arrange consultations via videoconference for new and existing clients, or in person with appropriate precautions.


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