Summer 2019

celebrating the new

21 July 2019

As the summer arrived, we celebrated two major achievements: successful planning permission for our first new build house, and a Building Excellence award. We have some some beautiful images of our new build to show you, as well as some inspirational projects just completed. Our step-by-step guide for residential clients is due out this summer, to help make the process more transparent for those starting their first projects. Some of our oldest clients are now moving on, and though we’ll miss them (and their lovely home), it’s pleasing to have positive feedback on the high market value of our work.  If you are thinking about a redesign or new development, why not get in touch?


Spring 2019

transformation old and new

25 February 2019

The first month of the year is well behind us, and with it no doubt many of the resolutions that seemed so fresh on 1st January. But the lengthening days and shoots of new growth mean that transformation and renewal are on their way. We’ve had a flood of enquiries since the start of 2019, and if you are one of them, we want to congratulate you on taking the first step towards a happier, better-designed home. To inspire you, we’re showcasing some of the transformational projects that we’ve recently completed. Our clients regularly feed back to us how delighted they are with their new home spaces. While those first stages can feel intimidating, each of them tells us that it was worth it to create standout spaces for their families to grow into.



We remain open for business during normal working hours (9:00am-6:00pm) and are working from our COVID-secure offices. Work continues on site with all appropriate safety measures for our projects currently under construction, and we retain all social distancing precautions when we visit. We are happy to arrange consultations via videoconference for new and existing clients, or in person with appropriate precautions.


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