Autumn 2020

Seven years of us

3 November 2020

Despite the gloom of impending lockdown, we still have a few things to celebrate. It’s seven years since we started the practice in 2013, and five years since our Project Architect, Rita, joined us. In that time we’ve grown to a team of four, won a London LABC Building Excellence Award in 2019, and featured extensively in the media. We are listed by We Design Homes, are soon to be in The Modern House directory and recently designed a brochure talking about what we do. This newsletter is dedicated to who we are now. And accompanied by lovely images of our recent work, like the gorgeous Choumert House above. Oh, and we’re offering a free case of wine to existing clients who successfully recommend us!


Summer 2020

embracing change

23 July 2020

It’s strange to think how much the world has changed in a few short months: how furloughs, working from home, social distancing and the everyday rhythms and frustrations of domestic life have become pressing concerns for us all. Spaces certainly feel different when you have to work, live and exercise in them 24/7.


Spring 2020

small is beautiful

21 March 2020

To celebrate the end of the dark winter months, we’ve focussed our spring newsletter on a few of our colourful little projects. It’s easy to get swept up in our large new-build houses or commercial developments, but some of our most rewarding commissions are at the smaller end of what we do. So we’re celebrating a handful of those projects where we’ve helped our clients to be brave and bold in their ambitions, even on the smallest of scales. If you are thinking about a redesign or new development, large or small, why not get in touch?



We remain open for business during normal working hours (9:00am-6:00pm) and are working from our COVID-secure offices. Work continues on site with all appropriate safety measures for our projects currently under construction, and we retain all social distancing precautions when we visit. We are happy to arrange consultations via videoconference for new and existing clients, or in person with appropriate precautions.


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