Denmark Hill

PROJECTS / Completed

Rejecting contemporary ‘glass box’ aesthetics, this 1950s ex-council house has become a quirky, ecologically sensitive home, with cedar shingles, biodiverse roofs and red windows reconnecting it to its wildlife garden.

Fun, functionality and sustainability were at the top of our client’s priority list when they approached us for their project. Their postwar ex-council house in South East London has a large garden, with the rare advantage of views into open green space beyond. Our brief was to bring the house up to date with the needs of a young family, opening up the kitchen and dining space, but with limited encroachment onto the wildlife garden. The extension needed to enhance the urban and green environment immediately surrounding this area of SE London, without losing a sense of the quirkiness of the house. Throughout, we aimed to recreate some of the 1950s themes of our clients’ home, while keeping our approach fresh, with an emphasis on light-heartedness, sustainability, pragmatism, and simple pleasures rather than luxury fit-outs.

Clients Private
Completed April 2019
Contractor Daremix
Engineer Blue Engineering
Photography Guy Lockwood



During the current lockdown we remain open for business during normal working hours (9:00am-5:30pm) and are observing all social distancing precautions. Work continues as normal on site for our projects currently under construction. We are happy to arrange consultations via videoconference for new and existing clients.


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